Apps Like Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is a free movie and tv streaming application. You can download cartoon hd right away and start using the app in just a few seconds. However, there are some users who are not satisfied with this app, so we have bought you some alternatives which will surely make a place in your device.

Top 3 Alternatives of Cartoon HD

  1. Showbox apk – Showbox apk is the best and suitable fit for cartoon hd alternative as it also allows free streaming of movies and web series. If you are not a big fan of cartoon hd apk then you surely must download and install cartoon hd apk in your android device. Cartoon hd apk is now only released for android version but soon it will out for iOS too.
  2. Titanium TV – The recent termination of terrarium tv was a shocking news everyone but as the app close new clone apps have generated to take place of terrarium tv. Titanium Tv is one of the clone apps that works perfectly fine and is showing movies and web series for free just like terrarium tv and is a good fit to be an alternative of cartoon hd apk.
  3. Movie HD – Yes, the last and the best working app that we have come across in the field of streaming movies and tv is movie hd apk. You can download movie hd apk in seconds and start using it. The app has very few flaws and is also removing them through frequent updates. If you love watching movies and tv shows on the go then you must definitely download and install movie hd apk, The third best fit for cartoon hd alternative.


There might be no app that can replace cartoon hd but if you have any problem with the app then we have got your back. Here we have reviewed the best 3 alternatives that can be fit for being the alternative if carton hd app. If you have any other suggestion regarding these alternatives then you can comment below or contact us through the email id on contact us page. We love helping people who have the eye to see the upcoming future of movie and web series streaming applications.

What is Terrarium Tv and Why you must Install it on your SmartPhone

Smartphones are generally preferred by the users for entertainment purpose, other than the primary motive of communication. And Tv shows and movies are a part of the entertainment we people consume in the day to day life, and Terrarium Tv is an app that makes watching Movies and Tv shows on a smartphone easier. Read this article completely to know everything about Terrarium Tv and get a way to download the latest version terrarium tv to your smartphone.

What is terrarium tv and download

What is Terrarium Tv

Terrarium tv is an Online movie and tv shows streaming application for Android. Often terrarium Tv is compared with Showbox which also provides the same functions with a different user interface. On Terrarium Tv you can find almost any Hollywood movie you can name of and any Tv show you can think of, and Terrarium tv provides all of this for free of cost. To know better about Terrarium Tv, read the listed features below.

Terrarium TV Features

  • You can Watch any movie/tv show for free of cost, without any subscription fees.
  • You get subtitles for all the videos and you can add subtitles of the languages you wish to see.
  • 720P HD streaming is available for all the streaming links.
  • You can adjust the quality of the videos to match your internet speed.
  • Very few ads are shown in comparison with its competitors like Showbox.
  • You can mark movies to watch the movies later, so you don’t miss any of the movies which are on your mind.

What is the Difference in Premium version of Terrarium TV

If you are a user of Terrarium TV free version, you must have seen the option of upgrading your account. Terrarium Tv premium is the upgraded version of Free version and you get some extra features for a small amount of Subscription fee every month. The difference is that you can download the movies and Shows to watch them later offline. And additionally, your account will also become ad-free. You won’t see any ad in the app, so if you are annoyed with the advertisements between your videos, then you must try upgrading your account.


What is Spotify and Why You must Install it on your SmartPhone

Smartphones are owned by almost everyone in the 21st century and everyone use it for different purposes and listening to music is one of the most important features that smartphones offer. But the traditional way of downloading the MP3 is too much pain in the ass and quality of music you get while downloading from 3rd party illegal websites are surely unacceptable. And Spotify is an app that solves this problem. Spotify is an app that is available for almost all the operating systems. And if you are wondering what is Spotify? You are at the right website. read this article completely to know everything about this amazing app called Spotify.

What is spotify and why you must download it

What is Spotify App?

Spotify is a Music Streaming app company which is existing in the industry since 2008, Spotify lets you listen to almost any song you can name of, not only English songs, but songs of all the major languages. On Spotify, you can listen to them all for free legally. And Spotify user interface includes many amazing features which are listed below. Read them to know Spotify better.

Spotify Free App Features

  • You can listen to Any song for free, no hidden charges for listening to songs.
  • Very few ads, And most of the times no ads are played between the tracks.
  • You can follow your favorite artists on Spotify to get all the updates of their work on your feed.
  • Most of the Albums made by big production companies are released on Spotify before any other platform like Youtube.
  • You can easily create your playlist of songs that you like listening to and share it with your friends easily.
  • You can follow your friends on Spotify and see what they are listening to right now.
  • The Spotify song suggestions are based on your taste which is calculated using your song choices, the song suggestions are mostly new songs that you haven’t heard before.

Download Link: Spotify Free Download

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify premium is the upgrade available for the Spotify Free version that you need to purchase and pay a small monthly charge. Spotify Premium gives you more features to the free version, read the below-given features to know more about it.

Spotify Premium App Features

  • You can download the songs to your phone to listen to them offline later.
  • You can Download whole Playlists at once and open.
  • Quality of songs is increased, You get a better bitrate version for all the songs.
  • No Ads – You won’t see any ads on the app until you are a premium user.
  • Log in from any country: in Spotify free version you are only allowed to login from the country you signed up, but you don’t have any such restriction in the premium version.

Download Link: Spotify premium apk


Hope by now you know what is Spotify and its features. Don’t waste time and download Spotify for your devices right now and start using it to listen to your favorite albums. And also share this amazing music app with your friends on social media.